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Image by kitanohydros
Kitano "Kam1Kaze" Kawai

"What happened to th' crazy..."

"Please. Don't say the word, Crazy."

"How 'bout energetic? What happened to the old happy, yet shy, ass-kickin' double agent named Kit?!"

"It's Kitano, Glitch. I'm still that same person. I'm just... mature, if you will."

"Do... You still... Ya' know... Are we still... together?"

"Nothing has changed between us. But that depends, will you still look at me the same way as before?"

Date of Birth: October 29, 1997 (17 Years old at this point)

Birthplace: Utsuomiya, Tochigi, Japan

 Once a happy and energetic kid that dances for Hi-Def, now a cold-hearted and serious agent for Interpol that works with DCI in case anything in DC happens. He had started working for Interpol because he becomes connected to DCI and his love of the world of dance, but he is no more superior than Rasa and Lima. Kitano still has a strong passion for dancing and will only dance if he is with his one and only, Glitch of Hi-Def. But also very protective to others, almost suicidal. This is the reason why he has changed his nickname to "Kam1Kaze". Kitano isn't only one person. He also has a sub-conscious he treats as a 2nd person called, Psycho. Once a twisted alter-ego of Kitano, now tamed and working to hold his stress level before he hits a certain point of stress.

 Kitano had many names when he first started in the DC world. He was called Kit by his beloved leader, Glitch, Agent 26 when he worked for Dr. Tan as a double agent, and also Guardian when Kitano tries to hide himself from Glitch, but couldn't stay hidden because of his strong relationship with Glitch. He was extremely energetic, yet shy out in public, up to the point where he had gone back to his home in Tochigi with his big brother.

Kitano had changed dramatically when he had flown back to his hometown to learn more about his broken family line from his older brother, Atsuro. While he was there, he had learned more about his family and their major role of becoming Honorable, an idea Kitano now holds closely.

While he was there, he had become a lot stronger than before. Offered an agent position for Interpol lets him work on physical combat training, but being under his brother made him learn more into the idea of becoming honorable and worthy. In order to do so, he was taught to become the best of what they desire to do, the reason why Atsuro became a well known street racer. Kitano follows the same idea, only in terms of justice, to keep others from harms way.

Kitano isn't self conscious about his figure, but he is always serious, walking around in a blank canvas. To others, he seems to have lost his ability to smile, but he is just straight-forward about his work as an agent no matter what. With other people around him, if there isn't a real purpose to be with them, he'll simply take off and call it a waste of time. When he is off dancing with Glitch, he can become competitive in order to impress him, doing everything to win. He'll show gratitude if he wins, but will start to scare others if he does lose. The only time he will really smile is if he is around Glitch. He is really the only person to go to if he needs to escape from work.

Skills and Abilities...
-Breakdancing: Kitano is flexible enough to start breakdancing, even though he has little idea of it, but he goes with the music does well with it.
-Mimicking others: He can easily mimic others movements, wether it is how they dance or their combat style. He'll use it against them.
-Firearms combat: Pistols are his favorite for combat. He would prefer using firearms over actual hand-to-hand combat because it becomes even more fatal. Kitano still masters Hagakure-Ju-Jutsu, but using guns is a small skill that an agent will need.
-Stealth: He is a phantom on his own. Others may mistake him as a ghost, but also knowing Hagakure means that he can become light-footed and quiet if he needs to.

-Anything sweet: "It's a weakness..."
-Dancing: "Ok, it's a hobby I have since I was a kid. But it's fun moving around with the beat. Can't be helped..."
-Silence: "Sometimes, when there isn't a single hint of sound, you can take it in and relax. Nothing to distract your thoughts."
-Productivity: "The more people work, the more we can accomplish. Why would you need to take breaks?"
-Crews of DC: "Everyone's nice and stuff. And they're all caring no matter what. They're like my family now..."
-Glitch: "I can't help but fall in love with him. He was a celebrity that I've admired for so long, and now I've fallen in love with him. His character, caring personality, and... Ahem... Attractive... err... Attire..."

-"Cocky" people: "What's with all of that name calling and attitude they have? They're losing one way or another..."
-Being unprofessional: "If people see me slacking off or being completely childish, they'll look down on me! I won't let that happen!"
-Childish people: "I think it's about time for them to grow up and take responsibility..."
-Psycho: "He's basically the other half of me, but I'm just scared I'll soon become a psychopath like him. Better keep calm..."

Physical Attire: At the height just above Glitch, he has long dark grey hair. Wears a white sports jacket with a black T-Shirt that has the "Rising Sun" decor and black gloves on both of his hands. Long beige pants and black sneakers. His left eye is actually red, but both eyes can turn red under a lot of stress.


It's been too long since I've done anything in Da, so It'd be nice to add more into my library of stories! :D Starting with what I've left off with DC! 

*Still in progress. Uploaded at 4am...=_="
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Luna-Bell07 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Writer
You've improved greatly; it's obvious! :heart: The detail in his profile is incredible. I can't wait to learn more! Will it include Spotlight? Why did Kitano change?
kitanohydros Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Really? It's been a while since I've drawn or written anything, but I'm glad to know that I'm better! :D I'd hope there's space for a cold serious dancer in the OC world of Spotlight!

Kitano changed because of something dramatic when he went back home. Soon to be revealed in our little story! (I'm still working on it... I'm trying to get back into the writer's mood...^-^")
Luna-Bell07 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student Writer
Can't wait can't wait can't wait for more. :music: You've always been an amazing writer, and you'll come back bigger and better than before. I know you will! :music:
TheblueQueen16 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
One, Kitano look very lovable and cute

Two; is Kitano crazy-8 or no?

three; he's in love with glitch!?
kitanohydros Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
D'awww shucks! Tks! ^_^
He's not Crazy-8, but they are related :3
and yup, with glitch! Been this way a long time ago! XD
TheblueQueen16 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Kitano sounds like a older crazy to me.


I freel like I could ship him and J2...maybe
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